Monday, August 29, 2005

The Paranoid Style

If you've kept up with Cindy Sheehan's protest in Crawford, you've no doubt noticed her rhetoric veering sharply left; less a grieving mom and more a spokesperson for and a cacophany of lefty causes.

In this wonderful piece by Victor Davis Hanson from National Review Online, Hanson illustrates how the Crawford protest is where the far left and the unhinged right come together.

Having had personal experiences with both the loony left and the paleo right, I knew what united them both: hatred of Israel. Hanson mentions the anti-Israel and anti-Semitic echo chamber which both Cindy Sheehan and her biggest admirer, David Duke, inhabit, but he also lifts up a few other rocks, from the The American Prospect to

Hanson is nice enough not to mention that much of the anti-Israeli foaming at the mouth comes from people who claim membership in my own faith, Roman Catholicism.

Note the deranged view from one "columnist" named Gary Brecher of Encore magazine, after Hanson questioned the wisdom of Hollywood elites on the subject of foreign policy:

"That column got me so furious I daydreamed about driving down Highway 99 to Hanson's farm and setting all his orchards and vineyards on fire. I kept thinking of what the Spartans said when one of their neighbors threatened them: "Your cicadas will chirp from the ground," meaning, "We'll burn your olive orchards if you mouth off again."

Shortly after this someone tried to torch Hanson's vineyards.

Read the whole thing.


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