Thursday, September 08, 2005

Condeming Muslim Violence in the Holy Land

If you feel that you have too many friends, or that not enough people truly despise you, I would recommend two things:

1) Convert to Roman Catholicism

2) Declare yourself a supporter of Israel

Either of these positions will put you on the radar of some of the nastiest people around, but taken together, you can assure yourself of never running out of hate mail.

No one knows this better than the Catholic Zionists over at Catholic Friends of Israel (I hope they don't mind my calling them "Catholic Zionists." It's my term, not theirs). CFOI is a wonderful addition to my many pro-Israel news and opinion sites. Today's post, Condemning Muslim Violence in the Holy Land, is especially informative.

This (rather long) post concerns two things: recent Muslim violence against Christians; and the lack of attention to such violence by the media. Evidently a Holy Land Catholic leader condemned the Muslim attacks "with harsh and unexpected words." Unexpected, according to CFOI, because such condemnations of Muslim terror from Holy Land Catholics aren't as common as they should be.

Here's a sample of what the minions of the future Palestinian state are capable of:

In Taibeh on Sunday, September 4, thirteen homes inhabited by as many Christian families were attacked and burned, the streets devastated, a statue of Mary demolished.


In 2002, two sisters of the Amre family, 17 and 19 years old, were executed by gunshot by a group of men close to the Palestinian Authority. The accusation was prostitution. But the autopsy revealed two things: first, they were virgins; and second, they had been tortured by having lit cigarettes applied to their genitals before they were executed.

What a wonderful group of people. By all means, let's give them their own state!

An addendum to the post includes an analysis of the recent diplomatic dispute between the Vatican and Israel, which was evidently resolved before I knew anything about it. The analysis is worth reading, however, as I believe CFOI has put a finger on the ethical and logical weakness of what passes for moral clarity in some Catholic circles.


At 7:09 PM, Blogger Conan said...

How about Lapsed Catholics/Almsot Athiest for Israel?
GO Israel and basically F-Islam


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