Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Idiots in My Church

Some Catholic anti-War activists who are channeling the Berrigan Brothers walked into a Marine recruiting station and smeared their own blood onto the walls and just about everything else. notes that the "activists," having been aquitted by one jury, now face Federal prosecution. One of "the St. Patrick Four" summed up their "persecution" this way:

"This is part of the right wing agenda," said Daniel Burns, a 45-year-old father of two from Ithaca, one of the four defendants. "Anyone who disagrees with this administration and dares to show it gets the crap beat out of them."

Really? Gets the crap beat out of them? How dare Newsday leave out the best part of the story! Here's how it all started:

Two days before the invasion of Iraq, Burns and co-defendants Peter DeMott, 58; and sisters, Teresa Grady, 39; and Clare Grady, 46; were arrested at a U.S. Army and Marine Corps recruiting station at a mall in Lansing, about 65 miles south of Syracuse. During the protest, they splattered their blood onto the windows and walls, posters, pictures and an American flag.

Two days before the invasion? Imagine what they might do after an invasion.

Whatever happened to real civil disobedience? Once upon a time you broke the law to underscore your disgust with a law or a policy, then you accepted the consequences. These days people like "the St. Patrick Four" break the law then moan about a conspiracy when they are prosecuted. Ghandi would not be proud.

The four hippy Catholics are members of "Catholic Worker," a far left Catholic organization that hides behind selective quoting of the Church's social justice encyclicals to pedal warmed-over 1930's and 1960's politics. As a sideline the group espouses long-discredited, statist economic theories as an "alternative" to both socialism and capitalism.

"The St. Patrick Four" website includes a Cindy Sheehan slideshow and effusive support for Ms. Sheehan's crusade. I looked for something that might distance "the St. Patrick Four" from Cindy Sheehan's more controversial comments about Jews, but could not find anything.

In addition, I checked the Catholic Worker website and discovered another curiosity: nothing on the Kelo SCOTUS decision. This is the recent decision by the Supreme court that allows cities to confiscate private property and turn it over to private developers and corperations in the name of urban renewal and "getting the tax base up." Of course, the primary victims in this blatantly unconstitutional act are the poor, whose property is most often cited as a "blight" on the city. So out with poor people's houses and in with another strip mall.

Do I really need to tell you that the three most liberal Justices voted in favor of Kelo? I thought not.

This is interesting for two reasons. 1) Catholic Worker is supposed to care deeply about the poor and down-trodden. Why the silence by Catholic Worker (and other "social justice" Catholics) on this decision? And 2) Catholic Worker (and Catholic social justice) claims as its inspiration the Social Justice Encyclicals of the Catholic Church. Fair enough, but one of the two pillars of Catholic Social Justice is that private property is sacrosanct. This theme runs through encyclicals like Rerum Novarum and is, along with the principal of subsidiary (local solutions to problems are best) a mainstay of Catholic social justice.

Mmm...Catholicism or Liberalism? That sheep doth resemble the wolf.

Perhaps they will have ample time in jail to actually read those social justice encyclicals.

Hat tip to the wonderful Michelle Malkin for the link. I did not see this story linked anywhere else.


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For a Catholic Worker comment on the June Supreme Court decision on eminent domain, see the June 23rd entry at,%202005,.


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