Friday, September 02, 2005

New Media Watchdog project: Pallywood

Over at Solomonia there's an interview with Boston History Professor Richard Landes about his new media watch-dog project, which will focus on, among other things, "Pallywood." This designation, similar to Bollywood (India's film industry), refers to fake news stories put out by the Palestinians, which are then picked up and offered as real news stories by the mainstream press all over the world.

Landes intends to run these stories, in full, on his site, letting those who tune in see the disinformation and propaganda in action. Often an anti-Israel story will later be revealed to have been false, but the "correction" is limited to only a few publications or the internet, while the anti-Jewish/anti-Israel lie was front page news.

Landes points out that many students today, having received such a wretched and relativist education, are almost programmed to view everyone's story, or point-of-view, as legitimate. He gives an example:

"I had a student who came to me the other day during office hours. He's doing a paper on the Nazis. He's writing a bibliographical essay and there's a book he's describing, and his summary says something along the lines of, 'This was a very interesting book, but it's pretty biased and I don't know how much I can rely on it, but there are still some facts I can use even though most of it is biased.'

What's its bias, I ask him? 'Well, it's very critical of the Nazis.'" Landes laughs and shakes his head.

Putting forward the "Palestinian story," simply because it's out there, without any analysis of whether it can be trusted or is verifiable, gives the false impression that all views are equal. Add in the ingrained bias against Israel in the mainstream (and Catholic) media, and you have a recipe for media distortion.

And to this the fact that Landes is a liberal and you have an amazing interview.


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