Thursday, September 29, 2005

Read a BURNED Book

I was pleased that Greg over at SHUSH picked as ban-worthy some of the same books I had chosen, among them the fraudulent ARMING AMERICA by Bellisides.

Here is something we conservative librarians should push more forcefully next year. Books that were actually banned:

From a new organization called FREADOM, an exhortation to read a book that actually qualifies for the label "banned," rather than the readily-available books that this or that library may choose to longer carry.

In the fevered imaginations of some lefty librarians, censorship abounds in these United States of America. The reality, of course, is much different. In Cuba, books like a biography of Martin Luther King are burned because they offend the Stalinist sensibilities of the state.

How is that some in ALA can be so pro-Cuba and so "anti-censorship?"

A fitting cap to Banned Books Week. Next year we should all do our own banned books table, either physically at our work place or on the internet, and include those books regularly prohibited (or destroyed) by various and sundry governments.


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