Thursday, September 01, 2005

Reaping RFK's Enviromental Stupidity

They say that disasters bring out the best (charity) and the worst (looting) in the human being. Other than the scumbag who shot a policeman in the head while looting a store, I nominate as the most jaw-droppingly offensive behavior thus far the opinion piece that Robert Kennedy wrote for the Huffington Post, in which the enviro-demogogue blamed Haley Barbour, George W. Bush, and anyone who had doubts about the science or economics of the Kyoto Protocol, for the horrific destruction of hurricane Katrina.

Nice going, Robbie. The waters have not receded, the bodies have not been found, cops and rescue workers are being shot at by looters, and many people are waiting on word of their families, and you pick THIS MOMENT to turn hurrican Katrina into a partisan, political issue. When it comes to natural disasters, you and Pat Robertson have impeccable timing.

Of course, the moonbats at Huffington Post are divided: most of them think the science and reasoning of RFK is indisputable; others thing RFK was exactly right, but this is the wrong time air this grievance/conspiracy theory.

Here's a tip: its never the right time use death and destruction to promote psuedo-science in service of partisan politics.

Over at Tech Central Station, James K. Glassman has a wonderful response to RFK's nauseating rant, Katrina and Disgusting Exploitation.

If you're tired of the secular enviromental pieties and want some real science, check it out.


At 3:23 PM, Blogger Conan said...

I also saw a rant by that idiot and professional mourner Cindy Sheehan blaming the hurricane on Bush's environmental policies.


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