Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Remembering the Heroes of Katrina

My wife, my daughter, and me spent the first day of our Labor Day holiday gathering clothes and other items to ship to the victims of hurricane Katrina. Watching the news I was struck by how much Americans are doing to help their fellow citizens from the Gulf Coast. Over at one of my favorite blogs, Cella's Review, there's a nice piece on the sacrifice of many New Orleans policemen attempting to preserve, and restore, the rule of law.

Not only is there the sometimes-violent panic of desperate people who have been couped up in squalid conditions for too long, but also the predatory behavior of looters who have no qualms about shooting at cops, rescue workers, or fellow citizens in their quest for a free TV.

Sadly, there was no shoot-on-site order issued the first day (or any other day) for the looters. This would have saved many innocent lives.


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