Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Wanted: Temp Workers to Picket (no benefits)

This is like something from The Onion, that over the top satire website that produces funny, but fake, news stories.

From Las Vegas Weekly online, a story about a United Food and Commercial Workers union picket of a Walmart for low wages and inadequate healthcare. But get this: the picketing workers are temp workers. They don't actually belong to the union, nor do they work for Walmart (though after marching in the 104 degree heat for hours, many of them probably wish they did).

And what do these fake union members get paid for marching in the Las Vegas sun? Six bucks an hour; no benefits. Ouch! In case you are wondering, the average employee at a Las Vegas Walmart store is payed $10.17 per hour.

But what about the health insurance?

"We have a good insurance program, and every associate—even part-timers—are eligible for the 401k," says [Walmart store manager] Mark Dyson. "There's actually different levels of insurance, dental and medical—I have a $500 deductible, but there's no cap on it. Some other companies' plans have a $1 million cap, but here there's no cap. For example, not long ago we had an associate whose husband needed a liver transplant, and that alone was $600,000; but they didn't have to worry about a cap."

Sounds like hell on earth to me. Maybe the Las Vegas Walmart should offer those fake union guys a better job inside the store.

Thanks to Cafe Hayek for posting this story.


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