Friday, October 07, 2005

Is Harriet Miers Trustworthy?

From Southern Methodist University, via National Review Online's blog, The Corner, here is a list of speakers invited to opine by the Raggio Lecture Series, an endowed feminist forum started by Harriet Miers, Bush's nominee to the Supreme Court. The embattled Miers, and her sponsoring president, face a torrent of criticism from conservative groups that seems to grow in strength and ferocity with each passing day.

The speakers from (Miers') Raggio forum:

1998: Gloria Steinem

1999: Patricia Schroeder

2000: Susan Faludi

2001: Gwen Ifill

2002: Geraldind Laybourne

2003: Ann Richards

2004: Colleen Barrett & Herb Kelleher

The speakers are supposed to be women, so I can only assume that Herb Kelleher is a pre-op transexual. Hopefully when "Herb" is invited back to opine, s/he will come sans the phallus that radical feminists find so offensive. After all, we have to keep the standards up.

But while I don't know anything about the comedy team of Barrett and Kelleher, I'm fairly certain that Steinem, Schroeder, Faludi, and Richards are all fanatically pro-abortion, including the partial birth kind. I'm sure this will go over well (not!) with those cultural/Christian conservatives whom Bush is trying to mullify with constant, if subtle, assurances that "Miers will vote our way; I promise!"

For myself, Miers' phobia of the conservative Federalist Society (she reportedly freaked when she found some of them on her staff) and her almost sexual attraction to the American Bar Association, a repugnant licensing organization (aren't they all?), says volumes about her future prospects on the court. To put it bluntly, Justice Breyer will eat her conservative lunch.

Miers' conservative supporters seem to honestly believe that her party allegience (Republican for many years) can just wash away any lingering doubts about her competency and commitment.

Paul Cella wonders if the Miers nomination is not part of a larger problem, one that is at least 40 years old, but has only come to fruition during this administration. A frustrating problem to be sure, especially for those of us who support the president (and voted for him twice) and appreciate everything he's done for this country.


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