Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe: Christian Propaganda?

Mea Culpa: I actually looked forward to the launching of the Huffington Post blog. While the head dominatrix, Ariana Huffington, had made a switch from right to left, I always thought she was fairly intelligent and more coherent than your average lefty moonbat. I thought -- as incredible as it may now seem -- that she might be attempting to re-establish intelligent liberalism, as opposed to Michael Moron liberalism, which is actually warmed-over radical chic, minus even the pretense of seriousness that Marxists have toward a subject.

I have been underwhelmed with the results. Every has-been, fruitcake, aura-cleansing freak of the left coast has found the Huffington Post a suitable bathroom wall onto which they scrawl their barely-coherent screeds. From the insufferable self-importance of Harry Shearer to the lunatic ramblings of Deepak Chopra (who really should be medicated, for his sake and ours) to the apocolyptic, superstitious psuedo-science of Robert Kennedy ("Sign Kyoto, or face the wrath of Katrina!!"), to view the H-Bomb is to enter a kind of left-wing blog asylum.

Recently, Michael Schaub of The Huffington Post took his turn at being head infant. According to Shaub, when Florida's Just Read, Florida program picked C. S. Lewis' THE LION, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE as its latest book pick, this was a massive conspiracy between Bush, a billionaire republican doner, and the forces of darkness to "push Christian dogma on Florida schoolchildren." And to help out a rich Republican doner who evidently has a stake in the upcoming movie.

Yes, Michael, we all know how Hollywood and those movie-tie-ins benefit the right-wing cabal that has stolen American and turned it into Amerikkka.

Here is Michael Shaub's bio:

"Michael Schaub is the associate editor of Bookslut, a literary webzine, and coauthor of its blog. His work has appeared in the Washington Post Book World and The Austin Chronicle. He lives in Austin, Texas."

I have not had the pleasure of reading "Bookslut," but it sounds both charming and intelligent, not like those right-wing sites that are corrosive to intellectual discourse.

I notice that he hails from Austin, Texas. I did a little research. Austin had its own "Let's All Read A Book Together" love-in a while back, though not connected with their school system. The book "chosen" was THE HANDMAID'S TALE, a truly silly pro-abortion book by the vastly over-rated Margaret Atwood. In the futuristic tale the United States is taken over by pro-life militants who force women to procreate for the state. People like Shaub must flee to the utopian shores of Atwood's Canada, where you can still get a non-fat latte and an abortion at the same tax-payer-funded building.

Ah, if only the booksluts of the world would go to Canada. Or maybe "Palestine."


At 8:51 PM, Blogger WordReader said...

The anti-God left is just angry Christians are finding their voices again. After 50 years of messing up the house while the grownups were gone, they hate the fact that we are back and are laying ground rules.

Responsibility, consequences, and maturity are three words that scare them.

At 1:32 PM, Blogger Paul Pennyfeather said...


Concisely and correctly said! Their paranoia is palpable and their hysteria says volumes about their fear of a motivated, vocal Christian populace.


At 9:39 PM, Blogger Oyarsa said...

Disney's version of Lion Witch and the Wardrobe = Christian propaganda?

Please, I've been concerned about the other extreme; that it downplays or dismisses the rich allegory of the tale.


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