Monday, October 17, 2005

PETA Commits Genocide Against Animals

Please excuse the hyperbolic, over-heated headline. I thought that some PETA-esque language was in order here. The meat-is-murder and animals-are-human crowd have been caught killing animals and disposing of them in a supermarket dumpster. The PETA workers have been charged with 25 felony counts in North Carolina, according to the Virginia Pilot.

Although a conservative (reactionary?) with a libertarian streak, I am a bleeding heart when it comes to animals. Animal cruelty is, for me, the mark of a base and souless person. I've always felt that the self-righteous inquisitors of the "animal rights" organizations make preventing cruelty to animals more difficult, not less. That members of PETA's materialist cult should be caught doing the very thing they supposedly abhor is not surprising. Much like the unions who hire temp workers to walk their picket lines for low wages and no benefits, or the organic farmers who treat their field hands like share-croppers from a hundred years ago, these wild-eyed militants embrace that which they allegedly despise because their philosophy springs not from an embracing of the natural order, but rather, from the rebellion against that order. Given the opportunity, they would put a guillotine in the public square and announce an end to cruelty.

Lest you think that these two indicted PETA felons are just bad apples spoiling the barrel, note please that PETA, rather than expelling the felons, is paying their legal fees.

Too, too sick-making.


At 7:33 AM, Blogger tomeboy55 said...

Any Darwinian PETA folks out there care to explain why humans shouldn't be a part of the food chain? It stands to reason any appeal to a moral code for animals has a supernatural, rather than natural, source. Therein lies the contradiction.

Good find here Paul.

At 11:35 AM, Blogger jax said...

Honestly, does it really make sense to attack PETA? Why attack the people that commit their lives to trying to help those who cannot help themselves? Attacking people who fight for animal welfare only shows that you care more about bashing a group that tries to protect animals then about actually focusing that anger on the groups that torture and kill animals for profit. Ever wonder why you are threatened by and angry at PETA? Could it be because you are fighting for your right to continue to support the exploitation of animals for your own gain and comfort? Why not take a step back and acknowledge where the real evil lies- in people who care not a bit about the suffering of animals, treating them as nothing more than a product to be eaten, worn, or otherwise forced to perform for people's entertainment. Do you have any pets? Would you eat them or put them through the hell of a factory farm? I think not. There is a reason why PETA euthanized those animals, I may not agree with it, but they certainly did it more humanely then the people who they confiscated them from would have done it. If people would be responsible pet owners, not abandon their pets and spay or neuter them, NO ONE would have to euthanize any animal. Otherwise, with the population of unwanted pets in the hundreds of thousands, what else is there to do? Why don’t you read both sides of the story before you go and cast dispersions…

At 12:43 PM, Blogger Paul Pennyfeather said...


You are a very silly person who cannot read. I wasn't "attacking" PETA; I was criticizing the group for engaging in behavior that runs completely counter to their mission, like a vegetarian taking a bite out of a cow.

I stated my own feelings about animal cruelty. You chose to ignore them and substitute your own over-heated nonsense.

"Ever wonder why you are threatened by and angry at PETA?"

No, because I am neither threatened nor angry at PETA. I simply outlined why such groups tend to destroy the cause for which they allegedly labor. Your post is a PERFECT EXAMPLE of what I was illustrating. Thank you.

For the record, when my wife and I moved into our last home, there was a feral colony of cats numbering 27. The neighbors wanted to have them all picked up, whereupon they would've been gassed, as they could not have passed the city's "fluffy kitty" test for adoption. Instead we fed, trapped, fixed, and adopted 20 of the 27 cats, at our own considerable expense. Most of YOUR FRIENDS don't even bother to buy eggs from free-range chickens, so spare me the self-righteous blather.

"Why don’t you read both sides of the story before you go and cast dispersions[?]"

And what, pray tell, would be the other side? PETA is against euthanizing animals anytime, anywhere, for any reason. They are militant and sometimes violent in their activism on this count. For PETA to engage in a practice that they WOULD NEVER ALLOW OTHERS TO DO is hypocrisy on a grotesque level. The "other side" would only be significant if they maintained complete innocence: that no one at PETA euthanized any animals. Given PETA's ability to get its message out, I doubt they would've failed to scream "oppression!" if that were the case. The fact that they are paying the legal fees of the perps says volumes.

And so it goes: non-violent student protesters hit you with their signs; organic farmers exploit farm labor; feminists apologize for misogynistic Islamic fanatics; unions hire low-wage/no benefit laborers for their picket lines; and librarians get caught destroying books. These are the amazing and amusing escapades of the loopy left.

Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to have a steak sandwich. Don't worry: the cow died of natural causes and willed his carcass to yours truly. Bon Apetite.


At 8:15 PM, Blogger JT said...

It might interest you to know, pp, that jax posted the exact same comment at my blog and at De's Shop. He -- or she -- isn't reading anything. He -- or she -- oh, to heck with that. It isn't taking the time to do any background reading on what any of us actually believe. It's just posting inflammatory dren.

It's a troll.

At 10:22 AM, Blogger Paul Pennyfeather said...


This Jax person does get around, doesn't she? Actually, I welcomed a little PETA-inspired madness in the comments section. As they say, "Periodically the tree of sanity must be watered by the blood of moonbats in the comments section." Or something like that.

I linked to something on your blog, today. We think alike.


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