Friday, October 14, 2005

When There Is No Law

I'm certain there are many stories from New Orleans that conveniently slip through the cracks in the main stream media because they do not reinforce stereotypes so precious to our guardians of information.

One of those taboo topics is self-defense.

Over at Civilian Gun Self-Defense Blog there's an interesting story from early September: a group of citizens who stayed during Hurricane Katrina found themselves a prime target for looters in the aftermath of the storm. Law enforcement, for obvious reasons, was not around. So rather than subject themselves to the mercy of the criminal class, they armed themselves, formed a militia, and deterred potential predators by firing shots in the air and letting all who approached know that failure to identify oneself could result getting shot.

They all survived the looting.

We've all heard stories that the original reports of rapes and murders among the victims of Katrina were greatly exaggerated. Examples such as this one suggest that the number of people robbed, raped, and murdered might be less than originally expected for a variety of reasons, one being self-defence.

Unless, of course, you are at a FEMA camp rather than your own home, in which case FEMA may try to ban your gun at their camp. No word from FEMA on whether hardened criminals or predators are complying with the firearms ban.


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