Wednesday, November 09, 2005

First, Kill All the Lawyers...

Over at LIBERTY BELLES, Clara has discovered that lefty law students aren't the grand intellectuals they believe themselves to be. An organization called "Law Students Against Alito" is trying to stem the fascist tide by rallying future ACLU hacks and money-grubbing, law-suit-spewing legal parasites to the cause of judicial liberalism. But as Clara points out, the group is short on details:

"So tell us, law students, what is wrong with Alito? This group doesn’t seem to have any answers."

Indeed, after insisting that "Samual Alito is wrong for America," they provide no details as to why that might be the case. Instead, they are hosting a contest to get readers of the blog to submit reasons why Alito is totally wrong for America, dude.

I'm not making this up.

A few questions:

Is being "wrong for America" the same as being unqualified for the highest court? Should law students use vague terms of judgement like "moderate" or "mainstream" to indicate whether a prospective justice deserves to be on the court? If LSAA objects to Alito on purely political grounds (he's a conservative and would support conservative views on the bench), would it not be equally justified for Republicans to vote down any more Ruth Bader Ginsbergs based on the same criterion?

Here's the funniest part. In responding in advance to any questions as to why we should trust "America's law students" (all of whom LSAA seems to think it represents) in judging Alito, the LSAA blog assures us:

"America’s law students have read the case law and understand legal doctrine."

Oh. Well that's a relief! Now us NASCAR-watchin' hillbillies can sleep safe in our beds.


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