Friday, November 18, 2005

India joins Israel in fencing out Muslim terror

Interesting. India is putting up a fence to stave off the future threat of Muslim terror. As I recall, when Israel did the same to stop a suicide bombing campaign that peaked at one suicide bomb per day, the "civilized" world wet their collective pants in public. The infants included the UN, Europe, and my own brothers in the Catholic Church (notably Bishops from North America, Europe, and the Holy Land). All and sundry denounced Israel for causing (gasp!) longer commutes to work and worship for the Palestinians. The International Criminal Court put Israel on trial. Castro and Arafat were, no doubt, amused.

Evidently, the thoroughly partisan statement issued by Catholic Bishops denouncing the checkpoints, among other defenses, happened at the same time a Palestinian female was faking an injury at one of the checkpoints, whereupon helpful Israelis and bystanders were blown to bits. If anyone in the Catholic Church saw irony, or the hand of God, in this serendipity, they did not express it in public, other than the above linked opinion piece from Catholic Friends of Israel.

Even conservative Catholics did their part to undermine Israel's security. I'm not referring to the wailing and knashing of teeth common to Paleo-con Catholics, who see the hand of perfidious Zionists in every foreign-policy decision of the Bush administration. Even the neo-cons over at crisis magazine did duty for the anti-Israeli cause. The former editor Deal Hudson, having just resigned after accusations of date rape in his previous job as college professor, penned a pathetic little piece of agitprop disguised as travelogue in which he praised the left-wing Catholic Patriarch Michel Sabbah -- good friend of terrorist Yassar Arafat -- and weeped copious tears for the those inconvenienced by Israel's attempt to defend her children from nail bombs. Here's Hudson mixing Catholic piety with a complete disregard for the lives of Jews:

"Before praying the Stations of the Cross on Good Friday in Old Jerusalem, I took one more look at the wall and the damage being done to Catholic property."

You could imagine several variations on this theme. "Before visiting the birthplace of Christ I watched Jewish soldiers detaining and questioning Palestinians." Or, "After attending Mass in the Church of the Nativity I took another look at the building demolished by Israeli tanks."

Although I voted for George W. Bush twice and support our men and women in Iraq, it seems a bit cowardly for Deal Hudson (and crisis magazine) to have told us that we must sacrifice our young men and women in Iraq, but Israel must not put up a fence between Palestinian nail bombers and Sbarro's Pizza. As far as I know, none of the Catholic conservatives who haunt the airwaves and conservative journals has ever taken crisis magazine to task for their obscene position on the security of the Jewish state.

So what can we expect now? Will the United Nations and the European Union denounce India's "wall?" Will Catholic Bishops moan and wail over this barrier the way they cried and spit over Israel's anti-terrorism barrier? Will the US State Dept. describe India's fence as "problematic?" Will India sit in the dock at the ICC?

And will Deal Hudson, or crisis magazine, run a piece on those in India or Bangladesh who are inconvenienced by India's "wall?"

No doubt they would all say: "Mr. Pennyfeather, the two situations are not the same."

Damn right they're not the same. Only when suicide bombers from Bangladesh start blowing up Indian school children will it be the same.


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