Thursday, November 17, 2005

Join the Condom Club

From one of my favorite blogs (I really should link to it),, comes a tale from Berkeley High School: Join the Condom Club.

Here's the email received by a ninth grader from the school:

"Having sex? Thinking about having sex? Sign up for Condom Club now! Bring your lunch and come to classroom G103 on Wednesday, October 12th to join. Come once and get a sticker for the back of your student ID. Show your ID at the Health Center and receive 12 free condoms a week. Free food."

What? No free beer or cigarrettes? This is outrageous!

If a talk radio host predicted something like "the Condom Club" was in our liberal future, he'd be denounced as a crazy, right-wing, alarmist bent on spreading outlandish rumors to advance his conservative agenda.

I would be happy to find out that Berkeley High's "Condom Club" was just an ugly rumor.


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