Thursday, December 08, 2005

Where's General Pinochet When You Need Him?

I'm dubious about the value, pedogogic or intellectual, of staging the constroversial speech (event) at a university. I suppose if universities were a place of free minds, free speech, and a marketplace of ideas, it would be different. But they are not, and countless examples show this to be the case. However, nothing stifles my Libertarian inner-child and brings out my Brownshirt inner-child than reading about (or witnessing) reptilian leftists shut down a speaker because of that speaker's views. It happened again recently, this time to Ann Coulter at the University of Connecticut.

Appearing with bodyguard, the always controversial Coulter only made it through fifteen-minutes of her speech before having to stop because the ignorant children of irresponsible parents could not cease chanting "You suck, you suck, you suck!"

I have witnessed two of these disgusting displays, both while in Graduate School. On one occasion the Black Student Alliance at the university (a bunch of thugs) shut down Ward Connerly, the Black activist who opposes affirmative action. The head of the university's law school, who was vehemently pro-affirmative action and opposed to Connerly's position, called the student disrupters "fascists." Actually, they are much more like Stalinists. Feeling the business end of a steel-toed boot is exactly what they deserve.

The other instance involved a pro-life group who received permission to put up a display and literature table on campus. I thought the display (huge, aborted fetuses) was over-the-top and in bad taste, so I approached the table to say so. I did this as a gang of leftists, led by a journalism professor, rushed the "exhibit" and subjected everone there to threats and intimidation, including those who were arguing with the pro-life group. They then surrounded the table, marching in a circle to prevent anyone from approaching the group, including those who wished to express reasoned disagreement with the organization. All of this was done not more than twenty yards from the administration, who stood by and watched like the spineless weasles they are.

Also spineless were the protesters, who, although armed with two-by-fours disguised as signs (which they swung at the heads of "fascists"), were suddenly lacking in revolutionary bravery when confronted outside of their mob. I speak of one young man who screamed and threatened a seventeen-year-old freshman girl. When I stepped up and asked him if he wanted to go a few rounds with me, he ran away like the bed-wetting radical he is.

Did I mention this was a public university, funded by tax dollars?

At this particular riot I asked represenatives of the administration, including the University President's Assistant, if the circling and threatening were not violations of the pro-life student's free speech. They explained that the circling and threating represented the protester's form of free speech, and they hesitated to interfere when when free speech rights were in conflict. I'm not making this up.

At the University of Connecticut, where Coulter was shut down, the Progressive Student Alliance brought in Cindy Sheehan as an alternative view. Note that the story makes no mention of Sheehan having any trouble speaking. It was the same way at my university; Angela Davis and other militant, anti-American leftists always spoke unmolested.

When Janet Reno, the Butcher of Waco, spoke at the university, ten libertarian students quietly held up signs. One of them told me they were searched and had their pictures taken, even though they were one hundred yards away from the speaking venue. But then again, it's more important to protect Janet Reno from criticism than it is to protect students who actually attend the university from violence.

Also protesting Ann Coulter at UConn were "Students Against Hate." One of it's members, Jerome, had this to say:

"Words are sharp tools and certain people like Ann Coulter use them to hurt people"

Back in the closet, Jerome. You aren't ready to come out.

Where are the Republicans (or even responsible Democrats) when people's basic rights are violated at tax-payer funded universities?


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