Sunday, January 29, 2006

Christian organization banned

A seventy-six year old university Christian Student Union has been banned because it would not change its charter's language to include transgendered persons (instead of simply "men" and "women"), nor would it open up its membership to people from other religions.

"The Christian Union was advised that the use of the words “men” and “women” in the constitution were causing concern because they could be seen as excluding transsexual and transgendered people."

I wonder what liberals and leftists think when they hear such tales? Do they honestly think "Good for them; they should ban all groups that do not let everyone in or that refuse to recognize, explicitly in their constitution, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered persons. This is a great day for tolerance and free speech?"

If this is their response, they are pea-brained freaks who should be shunned by thinking people everywhere.

I suspect that the less-totalitarian among the left block out the numerous, increasingly insane examples of political correctness and tolerance fascism, confident that those involved had only the best intentions. Besides, these crazies are the anomalies that occur naturally when the majority of the population is on your side. When most everyone leans your way (they reason), you will attract more than your fair share of crazies.

I know if I were on the left, I'd need some sort of coping mechanism or justification for the utterly ridiculous and authoritarian behavior of so many of my comrades.


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