Sunday, January 29, 2006

'Monologues' banned

Not all monologues. Just the monologue emmanating from Eve Ensler's vagina.

"The president of Providence College, which is run by the Roman Catholic Dominican religious order has banned a campus performance of The Vagina Monologues -- a play about female sexuality and violence, saying the work contradicts church teaching."

Well, well. This is pleasing on two levels:

1) Schools which call themselves "Catholic" should pay some attention to the actual teachings of the Church.

2) A private entity has the right to set its own rules, subject to its own heirarchy.

Free speech has nothing to do with it. They may stage this play somewhere else. But there is not a 1st Amendment right to stage Vagina Monologues at a Catholic university, any more than there is a 1st Amendment right for me to hold an NRA rally at your church or workplace.

The president of the university drew attention to an oft-ignored part of the Vagina Monologues :

The new school president at Providence, the Rev. Brian Shanley, wrote in a Jan. 18 letter to students that he particularly objected to one tale that uses religious language to describe a sexual encounter between a woman and a teenage girl.

This sounds like statutory rape. I'm told the HBO film of this play does not include the adult-child seduction. In other words, Catholic universities are being asked to air what HBO wouldn't air.

What's next? "Brokeback Mountain" submitted to Catholic film festivals?


At 12:39 PM, Blogger mdoneil said...

I think that is just fantastic. I like to see it when people actually take a stand for what they believe. ( Not to the folks at Gonzaga you might want to emulate this behavior.)

Although the NRA guys do meet for coffee after Mass in my parish, it is in a meeting room not huddled in the pews :)

At 5:40 PM, Blogger Paul Pennyfeather said...

Mdoneil wrote,

"Although the NRA guys do meet for coffee after Mass in my parish, it is in a meeting room not huddled in the pews."

Good heavens! Your Church is truly heaven-sent. Why can't I find a Catholic Church that allows NRA meetings after Mass?

I should probably count my blessings. At my (country) Church the priest prays every week for the defeat of Islamic terrorist groups. :)



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