Thursday, January 19, 2006

'Munich,' the Travesty

Between "Munich" and "Syriana" this is banner year in the movies for terrorists. But while the Palestinian murderers in Spielberg's "Munich" aren't depicted with as much honor and sympathy as Syriana's Noam-Chomskyesque fairy tale, they come out better than the Jews in the film, both the living and the dead.Charles Krautthammer deftly dissects the cinematic travesty.

Ironically, Spielberg is reportedly upset that his "Munich" is not being given the Oscar push by his studio that a director of his caliber is accustomed to receiving. Both "Brokeback Mountain" (from the same studio as "Munich") and "Syriana" are getting better buzz. But honestly, doesn't the ranking seem perfectly reasonable by Hollywood standards?

1) Gay Cowboys ("Brokeback Mountain")
2) Evil, oil-stealing Americans ("Syriana")
3) Land-stealing, daddy-murdering "Zionist thugs" ("Munich")

Irony number two: "Syriana" is based on Robert Baer's SEE NO EVIL:THE TRUE STORY OF A GROUND SOLDIER IN THE CIA'S WAR ON TERRORISM. Baer's book, however, is not the Oliver Stone-ish conspiracy theory that the Clooney/Damon gang are peddling. Rather, is a patriotic cry for sanity and professionalism in the Intelligence Community, so that the West might win the war on terrorism. The irony? Baer's memoir is merciless to Arafat and the PLO, tying them to virtually every terrorist act against America in the last forty years. Something you would not know from watching "Munich."

Oh that comrade Spielberg had read Baers' book! We might have been spared the brooding, angst-ridden Jewish assassin that gay-marxist playwright Tony Kushner gave us in "Munich."

Perhaps Spieberg's friends from "Syriana" could have lent him SEE NO EVIL. Then again, it doesn't appear that they ever owned a copy.


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