Monday, January 09, 2006

We want to be as rich as Cubans!

Bolivia elected a Castro wannabe (or is he a Chavez wannabe?). Not surprisingly, President-elect Evo Morales has denounced free-market economics.

We should mark this day as the day Bolivia decided to be poor, on principle. I'd like to think the Catholic Bishops in Bolivia would take this opportunity to remind their President that only the free market produces the surplus necessary to allow all persons (including the unborn) a seat at the dinner table. Bolivian Catholics might also remind their president, before "despoil!" becomes the national motto, that private property (a pillar of Catholic social justice) is an essential ingredient in the brew of civilization.

None of this will impress Morales, who will grind his country under his boot heel (with the tacit approval of most of the electorate), but it would do South American Bishops good to occasionally say these things outloud.


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