Monday, March 06, 2006

Oscar Blues

Well, they made a film called "Brokeback Mountain," which proves we are all ready to embrace the gay lifestyle, I mean, er, gay rights.

BUT, they didn't give the Oscar to "Brokeback Mountain, which means we are all a bunch of NASCAR-watching homophobes who secretly desire to beat Matthew Shepard to death.

"I felt like 'Brokeback Mountain' was a film that brought Americans together over issues of homophobia," said Grant Colfax, who hugged and wept with his partner, Rod Rogers, as the final award of the night went to a movie that instead explored issues of race.

Yeah, what's up with Hollywood? Giving an Oscar to a film that bloviates about racism? That's unheard of!

"I think that's an absolute horror," said Brad Bruner, who is a leader in the Golden State Gay Rodeo Association. "It's an outright sign of homophobia in our country. ('Crash') won no awards before this. It makes me sick."

Yeah, I'm sick too. The Israel-blaming film lost. The Tranny actress lost. The Gay cowboy movie lost. The suicide-bombers-are-misunderstood film lost. Another year of pure, unadulterated conservatism from the Academy.

Despite the lack of success for "Brokeback Mountain," which won just three of the eight awards for which it was nominated, cowboy hats and western wear were high fashion at the party.

Let's not forget the spurs, whips, and branding irons. This is San Francisco, after all.


At 3:52 PM, Blogger Akaky said...

You know, for a cowboy movie, there werent a lot of cattle on that there range. Still, I am sure the sheep are happy the shepherds are more interested in each other than in them, which only shows you should be thankful for small mercies.

At 3:44 AM, Blogger Dan said...

hear, hear.


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