Friday, April 07, 2006

Girl, 5, Forced To Apologize For Hugging Classmate

From comes the tale of one 5-year-old hugging another 5-year-old, then being forced to apologize.

At issue is a hug Savannah said she got on the playground from a friend named Sophie. Savannah hugged Sophie back. The hugs resulted in Savannah having to write a letter, complete with teacher corrections, that read, "I touch Sophie because she touch me and I didn't like it because she was hugging me. I didn't like when she hugged me."

Of course, this is not how either of the children felt; they like hugging each other. I've seen my daughter receive a dozen hugs from classmates before I could drag her away from school.

What kind of sick freaks make a 5-year-old denounce a perfectly harmless activity which the child enjoys? The sick freaks at Greenmeadow Elementary School in Maynard.

It reminds me of a Maoist detention center where counter-revolutionaries are made to write down their crimes against the people, denouncing each misstep and claiming their "crimes" are distasteful to them.

And, of course, there's the CYA spin job by the administration:

School Superintendent Mark Masterson told NewsCenter 5 there was a "dispute of the facts between a hug and a lifting of a child off the floor." The superintendent said the school reported "one girl bear hugged another girl and lifted her off the ground.

Of course. That's why the note the poor child was forced to write (and rewrite) mentioned "touching," not lifting someone off the ground. Try again, weasel.

The family said they are so upset they'll start looking for a new school for their daughter to attend.

I would recommend private school, if they can afford it.


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