Friday, April 28, 2006

Harper Lee born today

Well, born on this day eighty years ago. Best known for TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, she also wrote...

I can't think if a damn thing she wrote other than MOCKINGBIRD. Today in Literature has a nice story on Lee.

Did you know Harper Lee also helped research Capote's IN COLD BLOOD? You probably knew that, because you watched the recent movie on Capote's most famous work. I haven't seen the movie, but soon, soon....

Lee, according to this article, "makes a case for not only living quietly in small-town America but for keeping quiet."

Don't I always complain about American being too noisy? That life is too noisy?

Well, maybe on this blog I don't, but trust me, my poor wife has to endure many lectures on the subject, usually in our car (where there's no escape) and often with my voice rising to a shrill and pompous crescendo (to make the point about the noise).

Here's what Lee said,

I would like to show children my own town, my own street, my own neighbors. I live on the corner. My next-door neighbor is a barber, and his wife owns a dress shop. My down-the-street neighbor has a grocery store, and my neighbor down the hill is a teacher. My neighbor to the rear is a doctor; behind him is a druggist. If children were visiting--from abroad or from other parts of the country -- they would have cookies and ice cream for them, and take them to the park with the lake and the swimming pool, and my cook, Mary, would make them an enormous cake covered with caramel frosting, and for dinner give them fresh vegetables from the garden and Southern chicken cooked right.
And then we would let them alone....

Wow. Can I live there?


At 5:02 PM, Blogger Valerie said...

Thanks for sharing this, it is lovely and seems so Harper-esque. I think To Kill a Mockingbird is one of our greatest American novels. And I really enjoyed the actress's (can't recall her name at the moment, a well-known actress) interpretation of Harper Lee in Capote, as well as hugely enjoying Toby ______'s interpretation of Capote. Seemed 'spot on' from all I know and wondered about him, and Lee.


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