Friday, May 05, 2006

The beginning of the end

The Moussaoui trial has ended. The terrorist received life in prison (a particularly harsh prison, as it turns out) rather than execution. The behavior of all concerned ranges from the dissapointing to the disgusting. I've thought for some time now that we do not have the stomach for this war. In the end, we fear being tagged as racist, intolerant, or uncivilized more than we fear the assassin's blade. Here's a perfect example of our intellectual and moral decay, from Slate's Dahlia Lithwick:

"This decision, which will doubtless bring with it some serious national fallout, is more subtle, and more courageous, than the prosecution itself. Acting as a check on a runaway state, these jurors refused to allow a government needing a scapegoat and a man wishing for martyrdom to stand in the way of the facts. These jurors understood that for this country to kill a terrorist for his ideas, hopes, and dreams is not much different than the terrorist's desire to come here and kill us for ours."

Read the part in bold again. This is where we're headed. Over at The Corner on National Review Online, John Derbyshire sums up my feelings:

Thank God the Moussaoui trial is over. I have never been so embarrassed for my country. The low point of the thing — and a low point for our nation in its accelerating slide to oblivion — was when that U.S. Navy Lieutenenat sniveled and blubbed on the witness stand while Moussaoui jeered at her — quite rightly, in my opinion. I expected Jimmy Carter or Oprah to show up at any minute. An American officer, in uniform, weeping IN THE FACE OF THE ENEMY! She should be court-martialed. Instead, I feel sure she will get promoted. ("If you emote, we must promote.") The trial transcripts must have been translated into Arabic, Farsi & Pushtu by now, and are being passed around among the terrorists as morale boosters, with much hilarity and Moussaoui-style jeering.

Judge Brinkema's closing remarks were typical of the whole sorry performance, and gave Moussaoui yet another opportunity to play the man — the only man in the courtroom. Does anyone, DOES ANYONE, think we're going to defeat Islamofascism by squirting clouds of this multicultural mush at it? The terrorists sure as hell don't. Does anyone think the enemy gives a fig for our determination not to "focus on hatred, bigotry, and irrationality" (Judge Brinkema). I wonder if you can win a war without deploying hatred. Homer didn't think so.

The New York Post described Judge Brinkema's closing remarks as "a tongue lashing." I would say that's about right. They have suicide bombers — and, any day now, nukes which they will use. We have wet tongues.

"When people see a strong horse and a weak horse, naturally they will favor the strong horse."—-Osama bin Laden. Yes, they will. We are doomed, doomed.


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