Sunday, July 23, 2006

8 grocery employees stabbed in Tennessee

The stabbings took place in Tennesse, but the story comes from

Here's the punchline: The lunatic who stabbed eight people (one is in critical condition) was chasing his next victim through the parking lot when a passerby pulled his handgun and ended the terror.

This sort of thing happens everyday. By that I mean that lawful gun owners repel intruders and stop murderers every day. The vast majority of the time a shot is never fired by the gun owner. Usually just the sigh of the gun, a declaration that "I have a gun," or the sound of a gun (the slide of an automatic or the pump of the shotgun).

The interesting thing is that these stories are usually only local; they appear only in the paper of the town where the incident took place. With the internet, everywhere is local. So Boston readers can wonder what their fate would be if someone went on a stabbing spree at their place of empolyment.

Probably a lot of deaths and calls by politicians to register or ban all knives.


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