Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Grass is not so green

Gunter Grass ("The Tin Drum") admitted that he joined the Nazi SS at age 17. David Pryce-Jones takes the novelist/moral guide to task.

This would not be a big deal accept for two things:

1)Grass has spent his life admonishing Germans to tell the truth about their terrible past.

2)Grass has been one of the major finger-pointers of the German left.

As Pryce-Jones put it:

Truth-telling for him meant criticizing the United States at every opportunity, defending the Soviet Union as far as possible, and pointing an accusing finger at fellow Germans for covering up their Hitlerite past.

Grass now joins the ranks of other lefties, from Gertrude Stein to G.B.Shaw to Paul Lacan to Heidegger who supported, by word or deed, the odious Nazi regime.

Germany is, evidently, reeling from the announcement.


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