Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Middle School teacher burns flags in class

Free speech? Creative teaching? Unpatriotic behavior? Who knows? But a Stuart Middle School teacher burned not one but two U.S. flags in class.

I think it's the fire in the classroom that concerns me. I just don't trust your average 7th grade social studies teacher not to burn down the school.

The poor guy is now on that non-teaching, paperwork-pushing, waiting-to-see-if-I'm-fired-duty. He's probably working in the permanent records department. Now there's a good place for a fire.


At 4:23 PM, Blogger mdoneil said...

Big deal. Would I have done it, no probably not but then I would try to teach them facts, let University teach them to think for themselves.

Fire is one of the few things that rates the attention of middleschoolers. Food is another, and sex would have certainly caused more problems.

Leave the guy alone, he is a 7th grade social studies teacher how much worse can it get. Let him burn his flags and have them write about it. Makes an easy lesson plan.

Make sure they have had PASS lecture first : Pull the Pin, Aim the extinguisher, Sweep back and forth, Scream like lunatics because there is a fire (something like that).

One (or two) index card sized flag burnings does not a revolution make. Be happy the little bastages weren't lighting those marijuana cigarettes off of it.

Get off my lawn ya damn kids!


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